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Dfoundation Academy





A secure future for those in need


D-Foundation  is  a  Non  Governmental  Organisation located in  Sarnath  near  Varanasi.
It was created in 2006 by local and foreign social workers. Without any religious or political
affiliations they help the people in need to become self-sufficient.
Through training, education, counselling and direct support they
 are improving individual life conditions.
D-Foundation is currently involved in several projects:
an academy where underprivileged children get educated
improving the living conditions of women and children hold in government centres
an organic farm, allowing training and employment of local farmers
sewing training centers in rural areas
In the name of Roter Lotus we are providing a daily medical care with free medicine.
The conception for “D-Foundation” was derived through the effort of Mr Valentino Geacomen, the founder and director of the “Alice School Project” in Varanasi.
The D-Foundation NGO is supported by the Tibetan Monlam Committee and the all India project: Jan Shikshan Sasthan Institute of People's Education.