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The D-Foundation is dedicated to financial integrity, translated into the economic transparency of all of the foundations efforts.


Please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding the expenses of the D-Foundation.

Examples of Expenses

The intention of this section is to provide the reader with more details of the expenses of the D-Foundation. Please see the following example cases of services provided by D-Foundation and the costs of such services.



We are very grateful to Yu-Chen for her generous donation of 500$ (approximately 20,000Rs) for establishment of the Dhelwariya vocational and educational training center.

Establishment Expenditures

Gandhi Charkha: 9287 Rs

Sewing machine (1 Hand + 1 Foot): 4200 Rs

Cloths 100 meters: 2500 Rs

Scissors, threads, tape etc: 381 Rs

White board, table, chair: 1720 Rs

Mat: 720 Rs

Practical Copy: 880 Rs

Pencil, cutter, rubber: 300 Rs

Picho Machine one: 6000 Rs

Lining Copy:        480 Rs

Total: 26468 Rs

Image:Dhelwariya5.jpg Image:Dhelwariya.jpg

Monthly Expenses

Two teacher salary: 4000 Rs (Two Thousand Each)

Rooms Rent: 800 Rs

Electrical & others Running Expenses: 1500 Rs

Total: 6000 Rs


The D-Foundations provided under garments for each girl at the “Rajkiya Pashchatyawarti Nari Dekhrekh Sangthan Jaitpura” or “Women's Destitute Home Jaitpura” at the cost of Rs 5,495. Furthermore, the “D-Foundation” dedicated Rs10,720 to be spent on daily need—blankets, bed sheets, pillows, etc..


The D-Foundation spent Rs. 1,500 for Anuradha, reuniting her with her family in in Rajkiya Pashchyatwarti Nari Dekhrekh Sangthan, Jaitpura.



The D-Foundation dedicated Rs. 1165.25 Rs for Soni’s eye care, spectacle and medicine costs



The “D-Foundation’s” financial support of the “Women's Destitute Home Jaitpura:” 75 slippers and woolen sweaters cost Rs 16,575, 45 suits at a costs of Rs. 9,880.



The D-Foundation spent Rs 1,137, sending Mamata Sharnam home to the Pashchyatwarti Nari Dekhrekh Sangthan, Jaitpura.



The D-Foundation spent Rs 38,152.20 for the marriage of three destitute girls, providing wedding tent house, flowers and dinner.



The D-Foundation spent Rs. 11,367.32, purchasing several “Gandhi Weaving Machine.”



The D-Foundation spent 2,500 Rs for the daily needs of one elderly woman.



The D-Foundation spent Rs 1,675 for one woman being treated at “Pt. Dindayal Hospital,” providing for her treatment and food expenses


The D-Foundation spent Rs 6,015 for clothes, food and sending one young boy to the “Boys House.”