Dfoundation Academy

DFoundation Academy

The D-Foundation Academy is located in the village of Chauki, Azamgarh which is approximately 70 km from Varanasi. The school was 

established in 2007 to meet the needs of the local community.

We are focusing on:

convincing the local people on the importance of education

promote the girls access to education

encourage social integration by welcoming children of all backgrounds

prevent urban migration by improving the education on local level


The number of children has regularly increased since the school opening, currently there are 170 students from Kindergarten to class nine. There are seven local teachers including the principal employed in the school for the subjects English, history, natural science, maths, Hindi, informatics. As the demand is increasing we are building a second floor with three new classrooms and need to employ two additional teachers.



The school runs thanks to donations. To support the children you can give 10€ or 20€ or could fund the running of the whole school for 350€ per month. This includes the teachers wages, material stationary and ongoing expenses.

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