Vocational Training

 Vocational Training Centres

The D-Foundation currently run six vocational centres in rural areas around Varanasi and Sarnath. These centres are designed to train

women in the skills of clothes making and bag making primarily. We have also introduced other educational programs such as reading and writing Hindi, family planning, health and hygiene awareness, beauty therapy and women empowerment programs.
The centres are located in rural areas where education for women is limited. Our vocational programs allow us to access these women and the educational advantages to these women are numerous. Firstly they learn the skills to make and repair their own clothes. We can also educate them on other general issues including health and family planning. These issues are long term problems in rural areas and this training should help to alleviate some of the problems. Aditionally the women can earn an income from the skills they have learned through making and repairing clothes for others. This is important as women who cannot support themselves and have no husband or family to do so, are sent to detention centres (such as Jaitpura Womens Centre which we also work in). Many women who get sent to these centres spend the rest of their lives in detention and these situations must be avoided at all costs.
For all six centres, the D-Foundation rent one room in a local house where they can provide the training. The women usually range from the age of fifteen to women in their mid-twenties. There is one teacher in each centre and the appropriate number of sewing machines and equipment. The new season of our vocational training programs starts in May 2009. We also plan to start one further center at Pampapur village (where we currently take care of five orphaned children). In 2008 a total of 186 girls were trained in various skills such as sewing, embroidery, reading/writing, family planning, health & hygiene awareness, beauty therapy and women empowerment programs. This vital training provides these women with a means to support themselves.






  Continuous funding required
   Per month
    Payment of teacher wages X 8
 16, 000 Rps / €266 (Rps 2000 / €33 X 8)
    Rent for classrooms X 6
 3, 000 Rps / €50 (500 Rps / €8.30 X 6)
    Raw Materials 
 6, 500 Rps / €111


 25, 500 Rps / €425 per month

                 We also wish to establish one further centre for vocational training in Pampapur Village. The costs involved are highlighted below:

 Expansion funding required
  Sewing machine X 2  9, 000 Rps / €150
 Leather sewing machine
 6, 500 Rps / €108
 Fan, Mat & White Board  1, 550 Rps / €26
  Table X 1 & Chairs X 3  1, 550 Rps / €26
 Total Required   Rps 18, 600 / €310


For people interested in sponsoring the vocational centres there are several options available.
For sponsorship of all the six centres a total of €425 per month is needed which will educate and empower up to 200 women. This work provides a vital element to these young girls lives and can be achieved for such a small amount.
Individual centres can also be sponsored for approximately €70 per month. This money will cover this training for up to 40 women.
Finally donations are always welcome to contribute to our work and our main focus now is establishing the new centre which will cost €310 and €70 per month for the upkeep.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss further if you are interested. You can contact us via email on contact@dfoundation.net or call (0091) 99 3627 0050.