Juvenile Home For Boys


Juvenile Home For Boys

The D-Foundation has been involved with a government run juvenile home or orphanage for the past two years. The home is located in Ramnagar, Varanasi and there are approximately sixty boys in the home at any one time (although the numbers change regularly). The boys who are sent here were generally living on the streets for some time before being picked up by the police.
The government hold the boys until they can locate parents or some other acceptable person to take legal responsibility for the child. If this is not possible they will remain in state care until the age of eighteen.
In some cases the parents of the boys have been found quickly and were sent home after just a few days detention. Much more commonly however, the children do not have parents or they are unsure as to their whereabouts. Then it is up to the state to provide for them.
We are helping in this government institute because we realise there is a need to improve conditions in the home. There are numerous problems from hygiene to mental distress which are not being adequately addressed. We are currently undergoing general works in the building itself including the painting of the building and renovating an unused room into a classroom/recreation area. We have provided the boys with new clothes and material by which they can learn how to make their own clothes. We have purchased general hygiene necessities such as soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste for all the boys. Further to these basic needs we have employed a psychologist to work in the home to assess the psychological and general needs of the children. Our work is in the early stages and it will take some time to make the situation sufficiently comfortable for the boys. The current situation is outlined below and also the action we feel is required.
Works undertaken to date
Full time employment of Ritu Singh, a psychologist, to work in the home since August 2008.
Assistance in locating the parents where possible and arranging the boy’s release and return home.
Assistance to the boys who leave the home at 18 years of age. These boys often have no known family, no money and no home to go to.
Vocational training is provided through sewing classes and clothes making in an efforts to provide the boys with a means of income when they leave the home.
Assistance in badly needed repair of the roof and the construction of a new kitchen and toilets.
In addition to the above, the D-Foundation undertakes work where we see the need and have the necessary resources. Several other activities such as painting the building itself, purchase of new sweaters in winter, providing a room for recreation and yoga teaching have all contributed to improved conditions for these children. 
Boys juvenile home before painting & after
Immediate project requirements:
There is an urgent need to find a sponsor or sponsors for this home for the monthly work undertaken here. For all our ongoing activities we need a total sponsorship of €522 per month which greatly helps sixty of India’s most disadvantaged children. If we can find sponsors and increase this funding to €727 per month we can employ three more staff to educate the boys academically and perhaps even most importantly, provide them with skills for when they leave the home.
Continuous funding required Per month
Payment of psychologist wages 5000 Rps / €83
Food/Diet – eggs, fruit and milk      24000 Rps / €400


(Estimated 50, 000 Rps / €833 need per year)

4166 Rps / €69
Total 33, 166 Rps / €552 per month
Another teacher & 2 vocational trainers (carpentry & electrician) also required once resources are available 10, 500 Rps / €175 (3500 Rps / €58 x 3)
Total including new staff 43, 666 Rps / €727 per month
We also require funding for improvements and enhancements to the home. The situation has improved greatly although bedrooms still double up as classrooms and further improvements are still needed. 
 Expansion funding required Total
 Repair work in bathroom/shower 20, 000 Rps / €333


 (At least four are required for 60 boys)

64, 000 Rps / €1066
 Library 100, 000 Rps / €1666
 New building – external classrooms with new  bathroom 420, 000 Rps / €7000
 Total Required 604, 000 Rps / €10, 066
For people interested in sponsoring the Boy’s Juvenile Home there are several options available.
As mentioned above the entire project can currently be funded for €552 per month while with the improvements required the cost would total €727 each month.
On a smaller scale, it would be possible to fund Ritu, our psychologist for €83 per month or fund the necessary provisions of fruit for €400.
One off donation of any size are also welcome and with €333 we can repair the bathrooms which currently have drainage problems causing very unhygienic conditions.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss further if you are interested. You can contact us via email on contact@dfoundation.net or call (0091) 99 3627 0050.