Jaitpura Women's Centre

 Jaitpura Centre for Women:


The Jaitpura Centre is a government run detention centre for women from the age of eighteen to elderly women. Jaitpura is located in the north of Varanasi city and holds approximately 80 women. The women there are not criminals but have been placed in a detention centre for reasons such as:
  •     being orphaned
  •     getting caught after running away from home
  •     being abandoned by their families as a result of culturally unacceptable circumstances such as love marriages, elopement, rape, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, or out-of-caste relationships. 
In India, it is very difficult for women who have no family or have lost the support of their family. Unless they have sufficient means to support themselves, they are are sent to permanent detention centres such as Jaitpura. They remain in detention until at least the age of 30 or until a suitable person is willing to take legal responsibility.

As part of the D-Foundation work, we are trying to repair relations between these woman and their families or arrange other solutions to release them out of the center and back into society.
We have also been able to improve the living conditions here although much work is still needed. We have renovated extra rooms in the building and created more bedroom space for the women. We built a footpath around the courtyard and cleaned the external area. One room was painted with the girls and functions now as a classroom with a library.
In differing cases we have been able to arrange marriages for the girls. They are given the choice to deny the offer, although most of them wish to leave the centre and try to lead a normal life. In all releases from this centre we monitor the women to ensure no future problems arise.


Works undertaken to date:


  • - Employment of a woman for hygienic care
  • - Renovation of the external areas including the construction of a new footpat
  • - Rehabilitation of family relations involving the release of the women back to her family
  • - improving living conditions through building kitchen, shower, classroom
  • - Full arrangement and necessary payment for marriages
  • - Introduction of a volunteer yoga instructor
Jaitpura Centre: Before Work ------------------------------------- After completion of work



The entire project can currently be funded for €750 per month. While €860 per month would allow us to hire more staff which we feel is necessary.
We can also welcome sponsors to take on one of the above needs such as the provision of nutritional food which is currently lacking there and would require €120 per month.
Finally the improvements we wish to make here vary from purchasing shelves and books to improve the library up to the arrangement of marriages. Donations are always needed and welcome.