Direct Support and Other

Direct Support and other work

Outside of the main projects we also give direct assistance and help in several cases. We support Families or individual that need help. Here are some examples of these people:

A widow named Bhulani whose home collapsed during the rainy season.
Sandeep, a young man who was reunited with his family after years of seperation.
Five orphan children, who were saved from being split-up and sent to a government orphanage. They now live with their relatives, and D-Foundation helps to support the family.
We at the D-Foundation try to help when need arises. When major floods hit the neighboring state of Bihar in 2008, thousands of people faced starvation. We sent a team led by chairman Hari Om Rai to provide emergency food supplys to the worst affected areas. Efforts such as this from numerous caring organisations helped the afflicted people until further aid could reach them. 
Other areas we have found ourselves in a position to help include:
Release from jails, child labour & holding shelters
Legal support and medication for victims of injustices
Training in organic agriculture
Shelter, care and support for the destitute and homeless
Health and medical care
Support for the mentally and physically disadvantaged
Sponsorship for families and children
Organic agriculture and conservation are other important areas we work in. Recently introduced hybrid and genetically modified seeds pose a great threat to local farmers, who have to purchase new seeds annually at increasingly inflated prices. They fall into debt and are unable to provide the basic necessities of life for their families. A number of farmers have consequently committed suicide. We are working to educate the farmers to ensure economic security and preservation of traditional, ecologically sustainable farming techniques. 
For people interested in sponsoring the office work and direct support there are different options available. Our vital projects are made possible through the work of our office team and they are essential to the running of our foundation. The direct support we provide is also incredibly important as it helps people when they need it the most.