Roter Lotus

Roter Lotus

  Roter Lotus Medical Care    

   The Roter Lotus organisation was established in 2006 in Germany by Dr. Hedda Blumenroth and  Dr. Claus Blumenroth after a visit to India. Their project is now running efficient since June 2011. They  donate medical equipment and raise funds, while staff and the daily organisation in Sarnath are  provided by the D-Foundation. 
Current Activities

The Roter Lotus Medical Centre is offering free health care and medicine 6 days a week in Sarnath. The medical team regularly visits the surrounding villages and isolated areas, as well as detention centers.
Out-Patients Department - At the medical centre we have general physicians, a paediatric doctor, homeopathic doctors, a gynaecologist and an eye specialist. There is also a medical stock available and a pharmacist provides the prescripted medicines.
Ambulance services - There are two ambulance cars in use. A mobile ambulance for the medical camps and the second one is dedicated to the transport of patients.

Health camps - As we wanted to reach more patients in the countryside,we decided to organize a mobile clinic. In this way we are able to treat patients who cannot leave their homes due to health or social reasons. During these two day medical camps we work in the same principle as in Sarnath which means that the patients get their medicine after consulting the doctors.
Training camps - Some illnesses could be avoided through hygienic awareness training. That's why we arranged training camps were the people are informed about hygienic rules and health care. We hope to reduce the spreading of infectious diseases.

Aims   Future

At the moment we can only treat out patients and have to refer the emergency cases to another hospital. In future we want to build our own hospital in order to give the appropriate care.
We would also like to put more focus on traditional and herbal medicine. Already we are employing one homeopathic and one ayurvedic doctor. Furthermore we can train the people to use the plants and herbs that are naturally and everywhere available.
Management Committee Roter Lotus e. V.

Left to right Founding members: 

Joachim Küppers

Dr. med. Claus Blumenroth

Werner Bartl

Dr. med. Hedda Blumenroth

Brunhilde Bartl

Jürgen Gotthardt

Martin Hosenfeld

Chairwoman: Dr. med. Hedda Blumenroth

Vice chairman: Dr. med. Claus Blumenroth

Secretary: Martin Hosenfeld

Corporate Communications and Public Relations: Christian Schauff, Lars Wojak
Roter Lotus wants to express its thanks to the Gyuto Monastery in Sidhbari / Dharamsala for their help.                                                               
 Donations & Support

 In short: the more support we receive, the more people we can help.
All types of support are welcome and the more contributions we receive the more medical camps and activities we can arrange. To run these projects is expensive and the cost of the medicine for one camp can be over one thousand euro.
Also the donation of medicines and equipment is extremely welcome. Furthermore we welcome volunteers who wish to work on the Roter Lotus in Sarnath with us.
For financial donations our bank details are as follows:
National-Bank Essen AG
BLZ 360 200 30
Kto. Nr. 370 20 30
IBAN: DE44360200300003702030
Contact Details:
Dr. Hedda Blumenroth and Dr. Claus Blumenroth
Prinzenhoehe 40
45478 Muelheim an der Ruhr
Phone: +4920855143
Mob: +491722778451